The Sabbatical Chef’s New Look


I am trying to learn how to use WordPress, the new platform for my blog.  I am actually beginning an on-line course that they offer– for free.  I love those magic words. Starting with the basics this time instead of jumping in with both feet, the way I usually do!  I want to move posts over from my old blog, started in 2008 before my sabbatical journey to France.  I am emotionally attached to that blog.  I started it with the help of an 8th grade student as a way to chronicle the six month stay in Arles.  It is just a bit messy and I wanted a fresh look so I decided to go with WordPress.  Now, I need to learn the nuts and bolts.  The nitty gritty.  How to tag.  Categories.  Stats.  And way more, I am sure.  Am I serious about this writing thing or not?  How do I get myself on a schedule?  How do I carve out time to get my feelings, thoughts, ideas, celebrations, tears, photos and recipes on (virtual) paper?  All good questions that I ask myself several times a day.  The Sabbatical Chef should not make me feel guilty for neglecting her, but boy oh boy, does she ever.  She sits on my shoulder and sometimes smacks me upside the head with an idea.

Wish me luck.  I am going to need it.  I always tackle a new project about three weeks before school starts when I have a dozen other things that really need to be done… I have no idea what that says about me.  And I don’t intend to spend much time figuring it out right at the minute.  I have stuff to learn. And bathrooms to clean.  Closets to organize.  A new novel, The Nightingale, to read.

Bon appétit to all old dogs who attempt to learn new tricks!  Happy Wednesday!

P.S. I am just teasing you with the picture of the cherry scone.  That’s for my next post.  Stay tuned.  Recipe will be included!

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