Eating in Paris: Days 1 and 2

It is pretty glorious here in Paris. After walking all day, I decided to take a break in the shadow of Notre Dame. I went in to the cathedral to light a candle for Mme Christiane Buchanan, my high school French teacher.

I always do this when I am in Paris. Merci, madame.

There was delicious eating going on last night on the 10th floor of the Pullman Hotel (used to be the Hilton Paris). This was our view–

ACIS treated us to an apéritif dînatoire. Ready?

And looking at them now, I realize there were things I did not photograph before eating. Oops! My bad. Little bits of lots of goodness.

Check out this cute little eating utensil!

Très pratique!

Breakfast today at hotel —

Lunch at a café near Le Grand Palais just off the Champs-Élysées-

The was the perfect bite– cantal cheese, gésier and a fried potato-

When I put those three together, I felt kind of like the rat In Ratatouille before he gets electrocuted.

And now, lo and behold, it’s dinner time. Off to explore the neighborhood around my hotel to find something yummy.

Bon appétit et à plus!!

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