Projet Déjeuner 2018

Ken and Gma

Okay, so that bundle of cuteness has nothing to do with lunch, but I couldn’t resist. Babysitting for Mlle Adorable is my other summer project now that SCHOOL IS OUT!!

My official summer projet has begun, as of Thursday. I kicked off the Out-to-Lunch Series 2018 with a visit to Namu with Señora Verde. She has been grading language placement tests for me and we decided to take a break and have lunch. She had been to Namu one time already and I am always up for a new adventure when it comes to eating in any of the amazing new restaurants that are popping up all the time in Durham. (I will also probably hit Chapel Hill and Raleigh, just to venture out of my zip code.) I can’t find a regular website for the restaurant, only a Facebook page, but I did find a blog post by Bites of Bull City. It was written before the actual restaurant opened. It’s in the Straw Valley shopping center just off 15-501 between Durham and Chapel Hill, next to Walmart and Best Buy. It is billed as casual Korean food. I chose what Señora chose because she had the same dish with chicken on her previous visit. We chose beef this time and we were not disappointed. I think it was called Joe’s Special, named for one of the owners.


There is lettuce, a few crispy-tender carrot and zucchini slices, rice, green onions, onions, beef and the star of the show, as far as I am concerned, sweet potato noodles. They were amazing. I love the “bowl” concept for meals and could eat like this every day. Mix it all up, attempt to use chopsticks, have a nice glass of chilled Sauvignon blanc and sit on the patio. Délicieux!

So, sweet potato noodles. A must try now. I have a vegetable spiralizer that Sister Moo gave me for Christmas. Time to dust it off.


Of course, I may scout out the noodle aisle at LiMing’s Global Mart just up the street. I promise to update after I have tried making my own bowl of deliciousness.

Bon appétit! Bonnes vacances! I have been dubbed “Mme la Vacancière” by a French friend. Oui, c’est moi! Eat more vegetables- make it fun and healthy. Voilà!

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